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A brilliant new way to help your attendees connect before, during, and after your event

Finally a tool that can enhance your attendees experience while gaining insights into ROI

Increase your attendee engagement by allowing them a new way to connect


Get insight into who is connecting at your event and follow up with them


Learn why and how people attend your event with reports that matter


Let attendees easily create a profile that let’s them benefit at your event


CrowdLink for Planners

We have rethought what it means to have an attendee app. We've found that people want to connect, plain and simple. At it's core CrowdLink has been designed to be extremely useful with real time data to show ROI and to educate when people are engaging the most at your event.

CrowdLink for Attendees

Attendees will be able to fully customize their own profile to help them better connect with other attendees at the event.

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